Frida Kahlo

The Bungalow has its own private entrance .….. under a palapa thatched roof and is surrounded by a lovely tropical plant garden.

Living Space

The living space has its own spacious terrace with a hammock, a comfy sofa and the inimitable armchair that looks out into the garden and onto beautiful breadfruit tree. You can also count on the perfect decorative curtains that ward off those pesty mosquitoes.

Sala de estar
Sala de estar
Sala de estar


You´ll have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen (4 gas burners) with an ample dining and rest area and everything necessary to prepare and enjoy your meals (small coffee maker, blender and nice fridge). No microwave.



The private garden area has two deck chairs along with an outdoor shower. It all sits under that beautiful breadfruit tree that cools down the whole area inviting you to relax and exhale anytime….. Especially when you´ve just returned from the beach.


The bedroom has a king sized bed with both overhead ceiling fan and air conditioning. The furniture is all beautifully restored antique. The price is based on a two person adult occupancy but can be adjusted with an additional cost for an extra person.  It includes fiber optic Internet service, a Smart TV and a safe, where you can safely store documents and valuables.

recámara con candiles a los costados


Special attention was given to the bathroom giving you all the necessary amenties. It has ample natural light in the daytime and sufficient electrical lighting for nighttime, provided by lovely chandeliers.

The area is both spacious and comfortable. Along with a sizeable window, it also has a ceiling fan …. resulting in optimal ventilation. Its large shower as a height adjustable shower head. There is also generous storage space around and under the sink. A hair drier is also at your disposal.


Prices are based on two adult occupancy per night, but can be adjusted for an additional person at an additional cost.

Upon check-in is a deposit of $3´000 Pesos in cash required and will be refunded in full at check-out, if no damages have been caused.

High Season

(3 nights minimum)

$2’600 + 16% taxes

November 1st – April 30th

Christmas & New Year

(7 nights minimum)

$3’100 + 16% taxes

December 20th – January 6th

Low Season

(3 nights minimum)

$2’000 + 16% taxes

May 1st – October 31st

Monthly Rates

(minimum stay 3 months)

3 – 5 months
(Discount of 30% of High Season Rate)

6 months and longer
(Discount of 50% of High Season Rate)

Upon check-in for monthly booking is a deposit of $10´000 Pesos in cash required and will be refunded in full at check-out, if no damages have been caused.